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The Elevate STR is designed with a light truck appearance coupled with the durability, high load capacity and rigorous demands of ST tires.

 - Wide Center Rib For Improved Road Contact

- Steel Block On The Main Tread Pattern To Improve Self-Cleaning Abilities

- Blade Groove Design To Enhance The Rigidity Of The Tread Pattern (Reduced Scrubbing)

- Improved Heat Dissipation To Extend the Tread Life

-FIVE Year Warranty



Tire Size  LR/PR Section Width Overall Diameter Max Load PSI 
ST175/80R13  C/6 7 24 1360  50
ST205/75R14 C/6 8 26.1  1760   50
ST205/75R15   C/6 8 27.1  1820  50
ST225/75R15   D/8 8.8 28.3  2540  65
ST235/80R16   E/10 9.3 30.8 3520   80



Elevate STR


 Elevate tri-fold front

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