The Eco-Trail ST Bias is designed with a truly revolutionary tread design that gives the appearance and footprint similar to that of a radial tire. An engineered compliance to RoHS Regulation that limits or eliminates hazardous substances dangerous to the environment and to people, the Eco-Trail ST combines sensibility with performance under the high loads and rigorous demands of an ST tire.

    Features Include:

leafReinforced square shoulder tread for optimum road contact

leafModern tread design

leafRoHS Compliance (reduction or elimination of mercury, hexavalent chromium, lead, cadmium, PBB and PBDE) for rubber compounding

leafVariable tread pitch for reduced road noise

leafTread wear indicators

Tire Size  LR/PR Section Width Overall Diameter Max Load PSI 
ST175/80D13  C/6 6.77 24.4 1360  50
ST185/80D13  C/6 7.2 24.6 1480  50
ST185/80D13  D/8 7.2  24.8  1730  65
ST205/75D14 C/6 7.87 26.5  1760   50
ST215/75D14   C/6 8 27.1  1870  50
ST205/75D15   C/6 8 27  1820  50
ST225/75D15   D/8 8.4 28.7 2540   65






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